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Design & Project

Italsistemi e partecipate

Italsistemi, through its subsidiaries, specializes in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional parametric design of mechanical parts, industrial plants, machinery, systems, production lines and automatic machines for the assembly and processing of mechanical components for civil and military use.

From the conceptual and basic design phase, we follow the customer’s requests through the feasibility study, engineering up to the executive project.
The Belgrade partner “Panizzo Engineering” also supports us for the mathematical calculation, robotics and drone design part.

Engineering Defense

Defense industry

Italsistemi has the research clusters in the aerospace and defense sector, located in Florence, Naples and Frosinone, where are developed the electronic and IT systems for the aeronautical and the aerospace usage.

In particular, at the research center called “UCS-1 / EXPERIMENTAL CONSTRUCTION OFFICE –” in Frosinone, the sophisticated technologies are developed in collaboration with the Polytechnic of Turin, the University of Cassino, the University of Belgrade and of Loughborough.


Augmented reality

Through the 3D virtual reality design technique, we are able to produce images, holograms and films of the extraordinary realism, which can be used to create catalogues, brochures or other marketing material, even before having created the first prototype of the product the valid communication tool that we put at the service of our customers.

Our rendering and animation service uses the advanced 3D and hologrammatic modeling software and was born as the natural consequence of our traditional approach to the customer: we are sensitive to the needs of the client and we want to respond effectively and promptly to their needs, and even anticipating them.

The other areas in which we operate:


Si vis pace, para bellum
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Electro Systems

Electrical and mechanical systems
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Airplane construction and overhaul
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Aeronautics, Aerospace, Electrical and mechanical systems, Defense.

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