Italsistemi, through it’s subsidiaries, specializes in planning and rendering both in two-dimensional and three-dimensional parametric design of mechanical parts, industrial plants, machinery, equipment, production lines and automatic machines for the assembly and processing of mechanical components for both civil and military use. From the conceptual and basic design phase, we follow the customer’s requests through a feasibility study, engineering up to the final project.


Italsistemi provides specialized companies in the design and rendering of pneumo-hydraulic systems, light and heavy bodywork, armor plating, electrical and electronic systems for the defense industry, with particular attention to land-based heavy vehicles. Among the various activities, the design of industrial factories that produce components for the defense-aerospace sector.

Research and development

Italsistemi provides two research centres in the aerospace and defense sector, one is located in San Godenzo (Florence) and one in Castelliri (Frosinone), where the development of the experimental cultivation of astro-botanical crops takes place in a hostile and weightless environment as well as new materials and technologies for the security, defense and aerospace sectors.

Augmented Reality

Through the 3D virtual reality design technique, we are able to produce images, holograms and videos of extraordinary realism, which can be used to create catalogs, brochures or other marketing material, even before the first prototype of the product is made. An effective communication tool that we provide to our customers.

Our rendering and animation services use advanced 3D and hologram modelling software that was created as a natural consequence of our traditional approach to the customer which is our awareness of the client’s needs, even in anticipation, and responding effectively and promptly.