Electro Systems

Italsistemi, through highly specialized companies in the electrical and mechanical systems sector, is active in the general plant engineering sector with a continuously growing annual turnover.

It offers quality performance and services in the management and installation of electrical and technological systems namely after-sales assistance and maintenance.

It also boasts the authorisation of the installation, transformation, expansion and maintenance in facilities such as protection, transportion, distribution and use of electrical energy, photovoltaic, network-data systems, anti-intrusion and anti-fire, lightening discharge and hydro-mechanical facilities.

Masi Spa represents the leader of the industrial group. The headquarters based in Florence specializes in the design and installation of electro-mechanical systems in museum spaces, assets that are protected by cultural heritage, high fashion boutiques, villas and historic residences.

The delicacy of the sites and the inestimable value of the works we take care of, has led us to acquire unique skills that are recognized nationally and internationally.

Masi Spa is also a leader in the installation of electrical and mechanical systems on an industrial level, being an authorized supplier and maintainer of large international industrial groups.

The recent collaboration with the American company Solar Stick, of which we are the exclusive distributors in Italy, allows us to offer the market highly innovative solutions, directly deriving from the experience gained in war zones.

Our production, storage and energy management systems represent the highest level of reliability and strength in the international market.

Our Vision

Our ability to create electrical and mechanical systems is combined with the continuous research that is carried out using the latest up to date technologies (robotics and domotics i.e. home automation), allowing us to offer the best of international research to corporate and private clients. Maintenance, monitoring and intervention set-ups are all monitored by our operations center which can intervene in real-time. Recent exclusive collaborations with leading American and Israeli companies allow us to use cutting-edge technologies, making Masi Spa a reliable industrial partner.