Italsistemi, through it’s subsidiaries companies in the aeronautical and aerospace sector, deals with the construction, assembly and overhaul of parts and complete structures of airplanes, helicopters and satellites, as well as heat treatments, galvanic treatments and painting processes.

Starting from the customer’s technical drawings or through our internal design team, it is able to build original pieces in light-weight alloys, spare parts, single critical parts and assemblies starting from the raw material, passing through heat and surface treatments, up to the final assembly.

We specialize in the design and manufacture of high precision gearboxes, micro gears, planetary gearboxes, reducers, transmissions, actuators, valves and any other high precision parts.


The leading company of the group, it deals with the production of aeronautical components in aluminum sheets, titanium and light-weight alloys from the raw materials to the finished component. The plants in Castelliri (Frosinone) occupy an area of 4,500m2 and are both equipped with the latest up to date modern production technologies, including a powerful galvanic plant, furnaces for the heat treatment of metals and a forward thinking mechanics department that will be inaugurated in 2021. Strengthened by continuous investments by the shareholders, aerostructures wants to consolidate itself in the aviation market as a reliable industrial partner to the main players in the military and civil sectors.


We deal with scheduled special maintenance of aircrafts and helicopters for the private and military sectors, offering a global assistance service, including the reconstruction and repair of damaged parts, spare parts in metal alloys, maintenance of hydraulic, electrical and airborne systems.

Airforce mechanics

The company deals with the research and development in the aerospace sector, carrying out it’s business in the Florence office and co-ordinating the affairs of the monitored factories. Aviomeccanica develops products, processes and plans complex design systems that are then used outside the earth’s territory. The significant investments in special alloys, it’s compound materials and it’s electronic monitoring systems of the wing surfaces are noteworthy.

Finally, together with the subsidiary Aerostructures Spa it can realise experiments with astro-botanical crops and all matter that is connected with life outside the earth’s territory in the experimentation laboratory in Frosinone, Florence. It is here that first project in Italy to hypothesize the cultivation of vegetables in conditions “post-catastrophe” has taken place.

Certifications and references

Our numerous qualifications in the aeronautical and aerospace sector allow us to supply the best European and International customers.

Some of our customers: