About Us

Italsistemi was created from the operational and professional experiences of it’s shareholders who, over decades have helped hundreds of companies in a real and operational way to improve themselves and face moments of transition, growth and development in a confident manner.

Thanks to a global overview and integrated multidisciplinary analyzes, Italsistemi allows investee companies or private clients to carry out ambitious processes of growth, transition, restructuring and consolidation in a coordinated and successful way as happened, for example, during M&A projects.

Since Italsistemi was founded it has taken on qualified shareholdings in industrial companies as well as deals with consultancy and financial management for companies in the defense, security, public order and civil protection sectors.

Italsistemi has recently expanded it’s portfolio of subsidiaries by investing in companies and start-ups in sectors such as precision mechanics, components for aeronautical and naval use, renewable energy, television and radio communication systems, for civil and military use.


15 + Innovative projects for the year 2020/2021

50+ Annual consultancy and engineering operations

20+ Participating companies


10+ Presence in foreign countries


30+ minimum consolidated turnover volume

10+ Presence in foreign countries


30+ minimum consolidated turnover volume

Company Directors:

Dr. Lorenzo Bartolini


Dr. Sandro Di Pietro

Chief financial officer

Dr. Giorgio Chiti

Research and development

Cav. Augusto Michelagnoli

Member of Board

Dr. Marija Zavernik

Administrative secretary

Dr. Mattia Giacchino

Business development

Mr. Marco Trespoli


Architect Mario Palmonella

Institutional relations

Enterprise 5.0

The concept behind Society 5.0 is not only targeted at the economy but also at the population, encouraging and promoting the idea of a Super Smart Society where Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence will highlight the profile of a new super-intelligent society.